Robbery [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Robbery:

Robbery is a capital offence because the poor alone are tempted to it.

Robbery in Morocco is almost sanctioned by Providence; it is made so simple.

Robbery and war were the chief sources of recruiting the ranks of the slaves.

Robbery and public plunder were rampant in the State capital.

Robbery was punished according to the rank of the party plundered.

Robbery is always possible, although unlikely, with one exception.

Robbery, undoubtedly, was the motive for the commission of the crime.

Robbery is an art, and it is the crude thief that gets into trouble.

Robbery was the only mechanical art which was worth pursuing, and the only exercises followed were assault and battery.

Robbery through official requisition became so common that the people had to be warned against honoring any requisitions.