Mishandling [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Mishandling:

There are a dozen different ways of mishandling a vessel under sail.

Not 'a cold check' after all that drenching and mishandling!

He did not look around when the man who had been mishandling the animal said defiantly, "I quit!"

Until you had cleared yourself of mishandling Major Buckstones dispatch, the other reminded him.

Have you seen the kick and tug at the straps of the mettled pony in stables that betrays the mishandling of him by his groom?

She nursed Perrotte perfectly, but said it was in vain, because the doctors were mishandling the disease.

I only hope he hasnt written any more black pages on the log by mishandling Laura.

All these, even the most illegible examples, give evidence of experience in handling or mishandling the pen.

My father searched for and found it, and was not angry, only surprised when he saw the mishandling of the sacred relic.

Certain later etymologists hold that it originated more probably in an Indian mishandling of the French word Anglais.