Apportionment [noun]

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The same superiority was accorded to Newport in the apportionment of state officers, five of whom were required to live there.

The apportionment of blame, or prolonged discussion of the matter, is out of place in a biography of Nelson.

Evidence was given that the other conspirators had agreed upon the apportionment among themselves of the high offices of State.

Every difficult question in the apportionment of these separate accounts should be talked over thoroughly.

It conveys a valuable lesson as to the apportionment of praise and blame.

A wise economy is nowhere more conspicuous, than in the right apportionment of time to different pursuits.

And it is the right apportionment of time, to these various duties, which constitutes its true economy.

In making this apportionment, we are bound by the same rules, as relate to the use of property.

For the right apportionment of time, to these and various other duties, we are to give an account to our Creator and final Judge.

Pizarro prayed that God would help him to divide the treasure justly, and the apportionment began.