Rebuff [noun]

Definition of Rebuff:

turning away; ignoring

Synonyms of Rebuff:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rebuff:

Sentence/Example of Rebuff:

Subconsciously his busy ego was finding solace after last night's rebuff.

Grant grinned at Miss Georgie, forgetting for the moment his rebuff that morning.

At the house of an old lady of seventy, a paralytic, the rebuff was of a different kind.

Kate pretended to be angry at the rebuff, and pouted her lips, but her eyes were beaming.

Twas as though he must suffer the rebuff with no offended question.

Yet even from this rebuff he managed to deftly extract a compliment.

Madame Beattie seemed not to suspect the possibility of rebuff.

People do fear a rebuff wonderfully, and all her audacity was in her thoughts.

Our hero left this store a little disheartened by his second rebuff.

Tricotrin, indifferent to the hint as to the rebuff, looked at him amusedly.