Collision [noun]

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When physicists model particle collisions they use a tool called a Feynman diagram, a simple schematic invented by Richard Feynman in the 1940s.

Those checks could include collecting more data with the LHC or seeing if other particle collision experiments produce similar results.

Energy from the exoplanet’s star could have heated the atmosphere enough that it blew or boiled away, or collisions with other planets could have tossed out the gas atmosphere but left the rocky core.

We see that if you have a collision of high enough energies, then the laws of physics are a little bit different.

As it falls back to the ground, it can leave a fine layer of rocky bits atop any crater that the collision caused.

He used every artifice to prevent a collision between the French and Neapolitan troops.

He must keep a reasonably careful lookout for other travelers in order to avoid collision; also for defects in the highway.

A collision on the Susquehanna rail road, near Baltimore, by which 30 persons were killed, and a large number badly wounded.

During the last year a serious collision took place between the Chinese authorities and the British subjects at Canton.

During the preceding year the British power in India came into hostile collision with the Ghilzies.