Bombshell [noun]

Definition of Bombshell:

surprise; sudden push

Synonyms of Bombshell:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bombshell:

Sentence/Example of Bombshell:

Had a bombshell fallen into the midst of the ladies of the harem, they could not have been more surprised.

It was not that, however, which brought their hilarity to an end, abrupt as though a bombshell had burst in their midst.

If a bombshell had exploded under his feet our middy could hardly have been taken more by surprise.

He describes this vigorous polemical treatise as "flung like a bombshell among my opponents."

Had a bombshell been exploded among the fossilized professors it had been less disturbing.

A bombshell falling in the court could hardly have created greater consternation.

Do you expect to come up here with a bombshell in your pocket, and explode it among us without causing any commotion?

Well, I had a bit of something listed against them, so I decided to let my bombshell drop.

Even now, if Nicky Easton, poising the bombshell with its appalling threat, had murmured a sardonic “Well?”

In such dilemma, weak people take the most sensational course, and presently she dropped her bombshell.