Churn [verb]

Definition of Churn:

mix up, beat

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Sentence/Example of Churn:

This technology is also used to predict outcomes, such as churn rates and the potential revenue a business could earn from a particular segment of customers.

Zuora, which makes a business out of selling subscription technology to different sectors, released its Subscription Economy Index across 1,000 clients last week and found that the pandemic has not increased churn rates for publishers.

It has more than a million subscribers and an impressively low churn rate.

That constant churn can make it difficult to figure out when a new card is really a big jump over what came before it.

This way, you can improve anything from increasing viewership on your blog to reducing customer churn.

I don't forget how I used to have to churn in a dash-churn, till my arms ached fit to drop off.

Martha laughed, and rolling the big, barrel-churn upon its side was more than delighted to see it fall apart, useless.

Mother thinks a dash-churn, stand and flap the dasher straight up and down till your arms and legs give out, is the best kind.

He strolled casually down to a rude stone wall and watched the tractor churn toward him.

This sour cream is put into the churn, and worked in the usual way until the butter separates.