Rapacity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Rapacity:

His eyes shone with rapacity and hope; he became confidential.

Her folly and rapacity will sooner or later have their effect.

"I don't know that rapacity is confined to trade," admitted Annie.

And the Spaniard here, who has been driven out for his cruelty and rapacity.

With the rapacity Kidd had the cruelty of his odious calling.

It tinged victory with a hideous color of rapacity and brutality.

Rapacity was Mazarin's spring of action; Granvella's lust of power.

Even his own rapacity had not thought to hold up Burroughs for such a sum.

Up in the West there is not so much to be dreaded from the rapacity of men.

Their rapacity and greed have led them to sacrifice principle to party.