Staunchness [noun]

Definition of Staunchness:

faithfulness, dependability

Opposite/Antonyms of Staunchness:

Sentence/Example of Staunchness:

It was old Frank's staunchness that brought calamity upon him.

He might be unscrupulous, he might be unreliable, but he stood by himself for staunchness and the will to help.

But what they lacked in warcraft they redeemed in staunchness.

They induced the French to respect the staunchness of the German spirit.

The gallant regulars resisted with the staunchness of their professional esprit, and refused to yield an inch.

She stood for the reserve and staunchness of the bracing North.

She liked Kit's staunchness, but nevertheless sometimes it jarred.

She had no room in her heart for staunchness: it was all submerged in love.

As a matter of fact, I owe a great deal to the staunchness of my friends.

But "Cummie" was staunch, with the old Scotch Covenanter staunchness.