Complot [noun]

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And here they found John when they stole in one after the other, soft-footed, that the boy might suspect no complot.

He clears the now master of any foreknowledge of this complot, but they relied on Ivett's judgment and skill.

The superserviceable police pretended early in the year to discover details, but the alleged complot was a pure figment.

I went on to the balcony, but the curtains of Bellegarde's room were drawn, as if to assure me that there was no complot.

It might be better to read compass for 'complot,' as the preceding 'plot' may have been in the printer's mind; or plan for 'plot.'

And he was exalted, and made the cap of Shiraz nod in his conceit, crying, 'Am I not leader in this complot?

Flour and grain, by reason of the court's complot, began to run low.