Collusion [noun]

Definition of Collusion:

secret understanding, often with intent to defraud

Synonyms of Collusion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Collusion:

Sentence/Example of Collusion:

Because of the complexity of working out whether specific pricing strategies or prices are the result of collusion, prosecutions have instead relied on communication between companies to establish guilt.

Such collusion of the banks with these companies restrict the offline traders from conducting smooth business.

If someone else takes the test on the same network — say, in a dorm building — it’s potential “exam collusion.”

Germany’s biggest daily newspaper, Bild, published an editorial arguing that Merkel’s rhetoric on Russia was meaningless as long as she continued to work “in collusion with Putin” on the pipeline.

Police failed to arrive in time to stop the violent assault, and officers were later seen chatting hands-on-shoulder with some of the suspected attackers, fueling widespread suspicions of collusion.

Robertet brought the required documents, showing a devotion which might be called collusion.

Plaster and enormous spiders dropped (not, of course in collusion) from the ceilings in the dark.

The hired advocate may calumniate as he will, but he can show no collusion or connivance on your part.

Being twins, we are much alike and always under suspicion of what Uncle John used to call “collusion.”

Twelve dozen, solid silver and teaset to match, bought without consulting us, by your two rich bachelor uncles in collusion.