Clan [noun]

Definition of Clan:

family, clique

Synonyms of Clan:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clan:

Sentence/Example of Clan:

If you have someone in your clan who hasn’t heard this yet, please put them on to this one and saved them from becoming Night Night Nate.

You return between missions to interact with your clan, upgrade your gear, trade items and more.

Though hyenas spend much of their time alone, group living allows them to defend their turf against rival hyena clans and to gang up against threatening lions, he says.

Female hyenas may be out for cubs’ blood — even within their own clans.

The sun could come from a large, loose-knit clan or a small family that’s always fighting.

Mark out in your sand-box the boundary lines of the hunting ground of the Horse clan.

The strange clan always used it on their way to and from the lowland plains.

The strangers soon went away, and the Bison clan forgot about them.

The head man of the agricultural clan was elected by the free choice of his fellows, his equals in rank and station.

Western gamblers are legion—a reckless, money-plunging, romantic and venturesome yet an admittedly square-shooting clan.