Insiders [noun]

Definition of Insiders:

person peripherally involved in illegal activity

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Sentence/Example of Insiders:

The core of GameStop's quick cash-in problem was the SEC's insider trading rules, which define a specific "trading window" schedule outlining when company insiders can and can't trade on quarterly earnings results that haven't yet been made public.

The inclusion of both films in that race were something of a surprise – especially the latter, given that Sia’s acclaimed cinematic debut is still mostly unseen by all but a few industry insiders.

A security team within JPMorgan Chase ran special ops to look for insider threats by monitoring the bank’s employees.

All military personnel, including members of the National Guard, have undergone a background investigation, are subject to continuous evaluation and are enrolled in an insider threat program.

At the time, three major city leases were about to expire, and Filner and other insiders had concluded the city needed a comprehensive real estate strategy.

It’s played out time and again for lawmakers like Newt Gingrich, Al Franken and Bob Packwood, or powerful insiders like John Dean, Ollie North and David Petraeus.

Then there is the “truth to power thing”—a phrase an a16z insider recently used to suggest to me that the ideals of journalism are quaint or naive.

It was not clear if that was specially because of concerns about QAnon or if other insider threats also may have caused concern.

All troops have background checks that are periodically reviewed, and regular training on how to look out for insider threats.

Khashoggi began his career as a journalist in the mid-1980s and would become something of an insider, with friendly ties to the Saudi monarchy.