Squad [noun]

Definition of Squad:

team, crew

Synonyms of Squad:

Opposite/Antonyms of Squad:


Sentence/Example of Squad:

A squad of men were sent at once to guard the vessel that had been left in charge of the mate.

Between the three and us rose out of a hollow the squad of couriers.

At one point they surprised a squad of Germans in charge of a searchlight.

He was put into the squad of Jean Macquart, against whom he had at first an aversion.

You stole the money belonging to the squad; deny it if you dare, you bougre of a belly-god!

Jean burst like a hurricane into the Rue du Bac with the few men of his squad.

A squad of sailors passed on the double to take charge of the buffet.

The officer blew a whistle and a squad of soldiers filed in.

Stan walked out and a squad of four men marched him to an open car.

And in the meantime what are we to do with the squad from down the river?