Populace [noun]

Definition of Populace:


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Sentence/Example of Populace:

Miss Hilton and Miss Parker and some of our girls composed the populace.

In this instance, the populace are more puritanic than the magistrate.

Faithful ministers are rarely eulogised by the populace or the court.

The populace were all civility to him so were the ministers.

There the authorities and the populace received us very well.

But the fury of the populace did not suffer him to remain there awaiting that event.

He had been saved from the fury of the populace in the courtyard of the Tuileries.

They had the support of the populace and the Alberti and Medici families.

The populace when in power drive the nobility from the city.

The excitement of the populace was now ungovernable and the air was filled with groans and cries.