Cattle [noun]

Definition of Cattle:

bovine animals

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Sentence/Example of Cattle:

For Alison Van Eenennaam, an animal geneticist at the University of California, Davis, part of the answer is creating more efficient cattle that rely on fewer resources.

So the question isn’t just if the technology will work in developing supercharged cattle, but whether consumers and regulators will support it.

Agricultural sources, such as cattle ranches and paddy fields, were responsible for a 10-million-ton rise in emissions from South Asia and Oceania and a surge almost as big in Africa, the authors estimate.

It also means that prairies make good farmland for corn, wheat or cattle.

Because the way I think about this long-term, presumably a firm like Cargill can win the future with alternative “meat” in a way that a cattle rancher can’t.

Everywhere cattle were being sold for a trifle, as there was no grass upon which they could feed.

"I told them there was not an Indian in this village would steal cattle," said Ramona, indignantly.

At length he thought of “Cattle” as a figure word to enable him to remember the number.

And probably you would continue to let sections of it to men that wanted to raise cattle or horses on a small scale.

Bel is broken, Nebo is destroyed: their idols are put upon beasts and cattle, your burdens of heavy weight even unto weariness.