Crammed [verb]

Definition of Crammed:

fill to overflowing; compress

Synonyms of Crammed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crammed:

Sentence/Example of Crammed:

But, when the car came thundering down, it was crammed to the step; with a melancholy gesture, the driver declined her signal.

As the weeks wore on, the pretence of practical teaching was quietly dropped, and we crammed our science out of the text-book.

The battle ended in a victory for both sides, chapel and theatre alike being crammed.

Youre very kind, Im sure, she said, taking the purse into which Mr. Chumley had crammed the money.

A full letter, written closely; but he had barely glanced at it when he hastily folded it again, and crammed it into his pocket.

Flowering shrubs in pots were ranged up these steps, while the sides of the porch proper were crammed with them.

Before that they were all crammed into the six cells, and locked in for the night, some of them with dysentery.

Here a crowd of natives of all kinds have been crammed into what look like covered-in trucks, and they are squatting on the floor.

Inside this wall at one time, the Burman time, was crammed the whole of Mandalay—six thousand houses, more or less.

His pictures were crammed and huddled away any and everywhere.