Satiate [verb]

Definition of Satiate:

stuff, satisfy completely or excessively

Synonyms of Satiate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Satiate:

Sentence/Example of Satiate:

But thou, if thou art here, or to be found, thy blood alone will satiate them.

Mr. Black appeared to be in no indecent haste to satiate my craving.

Yet, whilst I am admiring the artist, I forget to satiate on the work.

Even their death did not satiate the brutal rage of the multitude.

Blood, and blood alone, could satiate their thirst for revenge.

All that might have happened did not, but enough did to satiate my taste.

Yet he was not dissuaded, just kept on attempting to satiate his lust for the rancher's life.

The summer had been fertile enough in entertainments to satiate her for a twelve-month.

At last she should gaze on the face, should satiate her consuming curiosity!

What he desired was to satiate his hunger and to sleep if possible until sunrise.