Undiminished [adjective]

Definition of Undiminished:


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Sentence/Example of Undiminished:

"He has done so," replied the countess, with undiminished stateliness.

From time to time it gave forth its tributaries, yet seemingly was undiminished.

She wanted him to see that her love was undiminished, and that he could count on it.

The shouting from the Barracouta kept on with undiminished vigor.

Heliet answered her gently, gravely, but held her own with undiminished calmness.

Do I resign them to the custody of the gods, undiminished and unimpaired?

It was not true that the confidence of the people in the President was undiminished.

Still the slaughtering of the flocks went on with undiminished 254 vigor.

"You've no right to be ill," said Brodrick, with undiminished rancour.

Her perambulations about the deck were watched with undiminished interest.