Mite [noun]

Definition of Mite:

small insect

Synonyms of Mite:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mite:


Sentence/Example of Mite:

"It's not the least mite I'm blaming you, honey," said Katy.

An' you needn't, dear; for nothin' between us is changed a mite.

I'll take one of 'em, if you say so, or I'll own it don't make a mite o' difference whose they be.

"Don't you worry one mite about me," she replied, in an even voice.

I shouldn't wonder a mite if you'd got some o' them stomach troubles along with your cold.

"You go an' git him a mite o' water," whispered Dilly, when they had finished.

John doesn't know she came—Amelia never makes a mite of trouble!

If they had been boys, they might have been some use on her mite of a farm.

You go back to school, like a sensible girl, and don't you worry a mite.

You're always sailin' into me if I stretch a yarn the least mite.