Ecstatic [adjective]

Definition of Ecstatic:

very happy, blissful

Opposite/Antonyms of Ecstatic:

Sentence/Example of Ecstatic:

Scotland’s leader is “not ecstatic” about hosting Boris Johnson.

At last she had fallen asleep and dreamed ecstatic dreams about diamond necklaces and thousand franc notes.

There is no question as to the ecstatic, nay frenzied state many of them attained.

Scientists on the moon—being as singleminded as scientists anywhere—became ecstatic.

He discovers that no amount of austerities will extinguish desire, or produce ecstatic contemplation.

His return in the spring still filled him with ecstatic joy for a short time.

Amfortas waves it to and fro—the knights gaze in ecstatic adoration.

He drank, the most ecstatic pleasure he had ever experienced in his life.

The killing was, of course, merely the ecstatic culmination.

Bowden, a worried look on his face, rose to protest; the ecstatic chairman waved him down.