Stopping [noun]

Definition of Stopping:


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Sentence/Example of Stopping:

You know we wouldn't think of stopping when it may mean life or death to you.

On stopping and listening, I soon heard some person calling hogs.

Burke retorted, with the effect of stopping the other short.

Crane must know that it was his implied desires that had led up to the stopping of Lucretia.

Stopping for a bite to eat in the kitchen, Linda went back to her room.

Of the bullet it may be said, that its stopping power is all that could be desired.

The youngster had a way of stopping for no reason whatever and just standing there.

"But I have not the courage to hear you, my dear," said Lady Delacour, stopping her ears.

I didn't blame him for stopping up there on his sheepskin, eye to eye with the girl.

Bob answered eagerly, stopping his work to take the sentence in fully.