Deathless [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Deathless:

Brian Kelly’s very good Notre Dame would sit on a second tier, above most but decisively below the few, their great 20th century still howling at them in a sport of deathless pasts.

For one deathless moment his genius had carried him to the heights, and a white blaze of publicity had given him a halo of glory.

The genius of Berini, Guido, and the Caracci, has glorified his memory in deathless painting and in animated bust.

Horace has given to his teacher, Orbilius, a deathless fame by the adjective plgsus.

But the germ-cells or germplasm continue to be immortal or deathless in the same sense as in the simplest organisms.

Girls would be for ever an intrusion between such deathless and endeared friends as they were.

The hero of an Egyptian folk tale slays a "deathless snake" by cutting it in two parts and putting sand between the parts.

Bravery in camp and field and deathless endurance at home could not take the place of bread.

Having reached the idea of a Creator, it was not difficult to add that he was "good," or beneficent, and was deathless.

But who will define the limits of possible attainment in knowledge and excellence in a state of deathless existence?