Concluding [adjective]

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Growing up healthy means “learning how to deal with mild challenge and change,” Lyons concludes.

It found problems, though, and concluded that many eligible lots wouldn’t work, because of logistical issues with its requirement that lots be split equally.

Our work shows that we need to constantly balance our own expectations with those we observe in others, and whether the two match up, the authors concluded.

The letter concludes by saying that most of the signatories will likely decline to implement the proposed deferral.

According to the meeting minutes, the board concluded that the law was likely outdated.

Imagine the pressure — if they do conclude that their trials aren’t showing the results they had hoped for — to shut up and play along.

Another study focused only on the impact of Fox News and concluded that an increase in viewership did appear to result in less social distancing.

Staff concluded a 20-foot zone of fuel modification, or flammable vegetation management, would need to be added to the road, to slow the rate of wildfire spread.

Keeping residents home, closing businesses and social distancing were highly effective at curbing the pandemic’s growth overall, the researchers conclude.

Using this data, Amarasinghe compared the lizard with the one described in 1933, and concluded that the living lizard and the dead one that Putra had stumbled across were in fact Modigliani’s nose-horned lizards.