Dud [noun]

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Financials have been a dud this year, but health care stocks are well off their March lows.

The idea is that new small-molecule antiviral drugs could fill these “druggable pockets” so that, once the coronavirus has first entered a patient’s body, it becomes a non-infectious dud that cannot spread.

Goldman Sachs, for one, had warned back in July that the month of August is historically a low-volume dud.

We also miss many of the lesser duds, the somewhat duds, and the turned-out-to-be-duds-in-the-end, all of which would be informative but are now lost.

We don’t witness the quadrillions of experiments that were absolute duds along the 4 billion year pathway to now.

While they were laughing, along came Dud the gum hunter, bearing a chicken with him.

I wonder if our friend Dud isn't just giving us a wrong steer, or is this what he meant we should find?

I for one am anxious to try that trout brook old Dud told us of.

He then bade Mary a "Dud by" in bad English, and set off in a run in a northern direction for the purpose of joining the whites.

These seemed to flit through the air, and always landed with a soft-sounding "phutt" very like a dud.