Pander [verb]

Definition of Pander:

cater to, indulge

Synonyms of Pander:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pander:

Sentence/Example of Pander:

But, sir, surely you would not pander to a scoundrelly taste?

But we for our part shall not pander either to the force-worshippers or to the masses.

Does he not pander to my every fancy, and procure me whatever I momentarily desire?

The world,” said Sara, “in the long run, despises those who pander to it.

But art should not seek to pander to our ignorance; art should represent only truths.

You must find, then, what pleases it, and pander to its tastes.

And she would take his words of the spirit and make them to pander to her own carnality.

We shall have something to settle together presently, Mr. Pander!

What have I to do with one so easy, what with such a pander of a husband?

Did he pander to the barbarian view of the worthlessness of life?