Soap [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Soap:

I'll tell you about the newspaper business if you'll tell me about soap making.

Take the making of soap, that I told you about; there you have it, cheap and good.

The women eliminate the baker, the soap boiler, and a lot of other parasites.

She sent us soap, and she gave me bandages &c., for my hurt.

She had a ribbon in her long, glossy hair, and her face shone pleasantly with soap.

Rub where the rubbin's needed, and put the soap where it's wanted.

How many have seen the same colors on a soap bubble or elsewhere?

"Ax the missus for soap to wash 'em," said Matthew, with a grin.

He no more believes in the efficacy of soap than in the efficacy of a good reputation.

She had no desire to melt like a cake of soap out on the pavement.