Pamper [verb]

Definition of Pamper:

serve one's every need, whim

Synonyms of Pamper:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pamper:

Sentence/Example of Pamper:

You are pampering me here, and to pamper an invalid is bad; it keeps him an invalid.

She was the one you and my daughter used to pamper, in the steerage.

Let your needs rule you, pamper them—you will see them multiply like insects in the sun.

The besetting temptation of the free lance is to pamper himself.

He likes to be consulted, and I pamper him as much as possible in all unessential details.

To legislate for the state, to the ruin of the man, is to pamper the body, and kill the soul.

But to pamper and pet the enemy—as though they'd dare to say a word about a petty gas-bracket!

Theresa, you know I treat my tenants like human beings, but you want to pamper them.

The hopes and the gratitude of patients combine to pamper them.

Soon there are found those who promote and pamper this weakness for a profit.