Enchant [verb]

Definition of Enchant:

delight, mesmerize

Synonyms of Enchant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enchant:

Sentence/Example of Enchant:

We would have happily spent the rest of our day exploring every wrinkle of this enchanted valley, but our itinerary was long and January Saturdays exceptionally short.

Many people describe being “enchanted” or “transfixed” when watching a live performance or viewing their favorite work of art.

The result is a stable, peaceful blue light that lends its surroundings the feeling of wandering through an enchanted forest.

The bands I have never collected play all night long, and enchant the brilliant company, that was never assembled, into silence.

The most beautiful themes stole from your eyes into my heart, which shall yet enchant the world when Beethoven no longer directs.

These are the things that enchant us in Paderewski's performance, and in the tonal coloring of Gabrilowitsch.

Were I more deaf than adders, these sweet charms Would through my ears find passage to my soul, And soon enchant it.

First you will come to the Sirens who enchant all who come near them.

Just so does the priest of Southern India, after having made his idol, enchant his god into it by due ceremonial.

In Germany they abound; and it not seldom happens that their strains arrest the feet and enchant the ear of the most fastidious.