Wow [verb]

Definition of Wow:

amuse, delight

Synonyms of Wow:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wow:

Sentence/Example of Wow:

Wow said the soldier, whose face was bandaged, she'll get it 'ere, won't she?

But then one afternoon I was painting that big amazon of a model and—Wow!

I'm only some stiff wi' the cauld; for wow, but I am cauld!'

There—there, don't snarl so, you're simply barking—bow, wow!

He sits on a bough and says “wow” in a soft but decisive manner.

It was what they called in the Achievements shop a whiz and a wow.

"Wow," Tim exclaimed as he slid back under the fence to join Maggie.

When that thing in the “pipe” grabbed me, I mean Gunga, wow!

Wow, no chance of us ever getting the blues while we had that to look at!

The little fellow will be crying all the time, "Wow, wow, wow."