Pigpen [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pigpen:

And there was a battle down in the Devil's Pigpen day before yesterday.

Now, it happened that there was one loose board in a corner of the pigpen.

Reckon he is, sah—you'll find him over yonder cleanin' out the pigpen.

Just because there was a nail loose in the pigpen I got in trouble with all the live stock.

Notice as you go that this place doesn't look much like a pigpen now.

The best part of sleeping in the old Pigpen, they thought, was being able to leave it whenever they chose.

Neither winter snows nor the spring and summer rains should be allowed to beat into a pigpen.

It is often desirable to change the location of a pigpen, especially where a single pig is kept.

One night two ladies who were alone in their cabin, were alarmed by wild appeals from the pigpen, and found it invaded by a bear.

The barn and hen-house and cow-house reeked in the sunlight, but the pigpen easily conquered them all.