Bate [verb]

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The measure of oil also, a bate of oil is the tenth part of a core: and ten bates make a core: for ten bates fill a core.

He bate th' champeen iv the' wurruld last week be a scoore iv wan hundhred an' eighty-two to siventy-six.

De kote had to bate de trap wid one warmint ter catch anudder one.

Pend upon it boss, Miss Alice is ergwine to bite at the hook fore yu flings out de bate.

I nevertheless still loved Truth, and would bate no jot of my allegiance to her.

Among them was Captain Bate, of the Actaeon, who was killed while about to mount a scaling ladder.

As in the case of the merchant who refused to pay the imposition on currants, ‘Bate’ and ‘Bates’ were considered interchangeable.

I know you have a lad of the name of Bate on board; if you wish to part from him, I am bound to take him.

This offensive behaviour was resented by Mr. Bate, and, if my memory does not deceive me, he chastised the offenders on the spot.'

What's the use of being a man of the world, unless one makes one's tradesmen bate a bit?