Stripe [noun]

Definition of Stripe:

line, strip

Synonyms of Stripe:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stripe:


Sentence/Example of Stripe:

You will now find the wool has descended to the wide part of the stripe.

The third stripe is the same, but, of course, the colors are different.

Stripe: a longitudinal streak of color different from the ground.

His shirt is blue with a stripe of sunrise pink, and the collar to match.

There was a suit of pyjamas of Hamilton's which had a stripe very near, but not quite.

Give a man of that stripe any kind of a show and he's going to kill you, that's all.

The third stripe corresponds to the cupola, the tension of which is equal to 140 feet.

The palpi are black, with a stripe of white scales on the upper side.

A blow given to a single slave is a stripe on the souls of all who see or hear it.

If they did, what had they on the imprisoned felon of the stripe in question?