Cordon [noun]

Definition of Cordon:

emblem worn

Synonyms of Cordon:

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Sentence/Example of Cordon:

Finally the rioters were driven back, and a cordon of troops assured the safety of the capital.

A double cordon of soldiers were stationed around the walls, to arrest all who should attempt to escape.

Afterward, outside the police cordon thrown around the building, somebody jostled against him, peered under his hat brim.

The men who were not on guard lay under the vehicles so as to form a cordon around the mules.

A cordon of soldiers, placed at a distance from the pyre, kept the inquisitive from drawing too near.

William, who was washing a saucepan, looked up and begged me sarcastically to accept the cordon bleu.

A cordon of soldiers was accordingly detailed to surround Bruce's box at the rear.

The new Federal patent, "the Cordon," was about to be applied in earnest.

Art Kuzak had surrounded it with a cordon of tough and angry asteroid-hoppers.

The upright cordon has nothing but height, eschewing both breadth and thickness.