Scarf [noun]

Definition of Scarf:


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Sentence/Example of Scarf:

Sophy, you will tear Miss Cameron's scarf to pieces; do be quiet, child.

Panting, she undid the scarf and flooded the room with light.

Slowly she untied the scarf from the door and placed it in her handbag.

Will you have my cap or my scarf in which to wrap your feet and warm them?

The front door was still open, and on the mat lay Barbara's scarf.

She was standing on a piece of rock and waving a scarf in the wind.

A bleared winter sun was sinking down through a scarf of mist.

The sun rose soft and white as an autumn moon behind a scarf of cloud.

She folded the scarf again about her, tighter, it seemed, than it was before.

The scarf is to be drawn up at each end, and have tassels attached.