Wrapping [verb]

Definition of Wrapping:

surround with a covering

Synonyms of Wrapping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wrapping:

Sentence/Example of Wrapping:

Linda picked it up, untied the string, and slipped off the wrapping.

To the devil with this dismal darkness, wrapping itself about one with a chill!

That burst of cold—had it truly been liquid fires, wrapping him around?

He was wrapping the beautiful smell again in the tissue wrappings.

He undid the wrapping of the lawyer's letter and, as he read, the blood went from his face.

The coachman had mounted to his box, and was wrapping a sheepskin about his knees.

Chet had a feeling that they were wrapping themselves in black invisibility.

Hold this tightly in the left hand, wrapping it very hard with thread or cord.

In wrapping on the artificial leg muscles begin at the feet.

A pencil and a sheet of wrapping paper will first be brought into service.