Hoop [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hoop:

After I had filled him in on my family, we would start talking hoops.

Without someone creating and finishing near the hoop, the Raptors don’t make sense on offense — no matter how many triples they launch at the rim.

Everybody who plays basketball — from the pros to kids on the playground — loves putting the ball in the hoop.

Sink hoops of wire or pipes into your growing bed every three to four feet, and cover them with the long, narrow blankets of row cover, a spun synthetic fiber that allows light and rainwater to reach the growing bed.

Little brother Landen is a freshman in high school with his own hoop dreams.

In other words, GLUE teaches NLP models to jump through hoops.

Your subscription recovery page shouldn’t be locked behind a login process or having your clients jump through hoops to the point where it’s easier to just ditch.

Players would jump through hoops, even sometimes spending money and turning over their sensitive data, only to get nothing in return.

Because in the strange season of college hoops, Army and Colgate will meet twice more — at Army — before the end of this month.

The men’s version, called rarajipari, involves repeatedly punting a wooden ball over vast distances and giving chase, while the women’s equivalent, ariweta, is a similar concept with a stick and hoop.