Diffusion [noun]

Definition of Diffusion:

spread; wide distribution

Synonyms of Diffusion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diffusion:

Sentence/Example of Diffusion:

Fernandez explains that small particles get removed by diffusion and larger ones by impaction.

In diffusion flames, the fuel and the oxidizer — typically, oxygen — are initially separate, limiting how fast the fire can burn.

Its conical base is a rich premixed flame, topped by a diffusion flame.

The growth history is also a record of information flows in the rangeomorphs’ environment, such as information about the diffusion of dissolved organic carbon in the ocean water around them.

Brownian motion describes a great many physical phenomena, including diffusion.

Collectively, Christians can give diffusion to it with an efficiency vastly beyond the sum of all their insulated efforts.

Hence it may be said that the diffusion of the great doctrine can be attributed to the influence of this image.

The Arabians conveyed it into Spain, whence its diffusion over Christendom was a simple work of time, sure if gradual.

That which has been most unscientifically designated as "suppression of diffusion circles," depends solely on this method of use.

The people will imitate the nobles, and the result is a thorough diffusion of the proper feeling.