Dissipating [verb]

Definition of Dissipating:

expend, spend

Synonyms of Dissipating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dissipating:

Sentence/Example of Dissipating:

Decelerating from 20,000mph dissipates a lot of heat, which is why they carry heat shields, and the final touchdown is controlled by parachutes.

Several potential threats to the one-week funding bill appeared to dissipate on Friday.

Those particles may spread farther or linger longer than the visible exhalation plume, which dissipates quickly to a level of concentration the camera can no longer detect.

Those samples could help scientists better understand the history of the moon, shedding light on questions such as how it cooled over time and how its magnetic field dissipated.

That likelihood depends, in part, on how much extra energy was absorbed and dissipated on the way.

A ready mode of dissipating anxiety originating from such a cause must now appear obvious.

The schools must see to it that the desultory and dissipating methods of reading, so prevalent in the home, are not encouraged.

The cloud cover, broken some time since, was dissipating and now a good two-thirds of the sky was wholly clear.

In dissipating the allied troops by their threats, they had taken care not to dissipate their own.

Before the astonished eyes of the Terrestrials the cylinders grew thin and vanished like a puff of smoke dissipating in a wind.