Evacuation [noun]

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Stoughton says that what he sees as inconsistency in officers’ decisions to retreat or not, as well as the lack of an evacuation plan and the clear delay in securing backup, point to notable mistakes.

This could include a standard trip insurance policy, a pricier “cancel for any reason” policy, or a medical evacuation membership such as that provided by Medjet.

As politicians and their staffs were told to evacuate or shelter in place, one photo of a congressional computer left unlocked still with an evacuation notice on the screen spread quickly around the internet.

In some states, officials have ordered closures and evacuations in the face of armed demonstrators.

A local Arizona coronavirus model now predicts a new viral surge will be “a major forest fire without an evacuation order” unless the state mandates masking.

Because the cabin is divided into the two wings, evacuation procedures would be more complicated than in a regular aircraft — especially if one side gets blocked in an accident.

It would be akin to facing a major forest fire without evacuation orders.

Firefighters went into the building, part of the Leisure World complex for people age 55 and older, to help with the evacuation.

He turned on his phone’s police-scanner app and heard emergency officials discussing whether they might need to issue an evacuation order for Paradise.

A wildfire ripping through Northern California’s wine country has more than tripled in size, forcing thousands of evacuations and endangering properties in a region devastated by blazes just three years ago.