Disseminating [verb]

Definition of Disseminating:

distribute, scatter

Synonyms of Disseminating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disseminating:

Sentence/Example of Disseminating:

The company is building a platform that allows data analysts to more easily create and disseminate organizational knowledge.

That seemingly innocuous action creates a financial reason for others to create and disseminate further clickbait.

We could get input from other faculty and disseminate information so the guidelines came from the ranks, if you will.

Those expenses include space on four slate mailers that are set to disseminate within the next few days.

Meanwhile, posts that spread conspiracy theories and misinformation and attempted voter suppression have continued to plague the service in recent weeks—sometimes being amplified and disseminated by politicians with large followings.

In the same passage we are told that men of genius, disseminating truth, are like the soldiers who "lotted the garb of God."

Those infernal Ethiopian preachers had been around disseminating that very idea, he remembered.

You, my friend, know that I delight in disseminating happiness.

No poet ever possessed greater influence in disseminating and strengthening such sentiments, than Burns.

He has all his life been disseminating the germs of a soul-blight more infectious and deadly than any bodily disease.