Discrediting [verb]

Definition of Discrediting:

blame, detract from

Opposite/Antonyms of Discrediting:

Sentence/Example of Discrediting:

He might be discredited—rich men have a way sometimes of discrediting poor witnesses.

We see here that Crescas is interested in discrediting the logic chopping of the philosophers.

In fact, she went the length of discrediting it altogether, as "Only Goody Wilson, when all was said and done."

You will understand at once that I have no thought of criticizing theology or of discrediting it, if I could.

This movement was not interested in the de facto shaking of received ideas and a discrediting of all thinking.

One more instance may be given to illustrate Professor Wards mode of discrediting views which he dislikes.

All that can be said at present is that we have no reason for discrediting Herodotus' statement.

A second regrettable result in the minds of some will be the discrediting of the ministry.

He lectured once or twice, though Whistler had almost succeeded in discrediting him as an authority upon art.

I shall afterwards state my reasons for discrediting this explanation.