Distorting [verb]

Definition of Distorting:

deform; falsify

Synonyms of Distorting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Distorting:

Sentence/Example of Distorting:

Yes, some were better than others, but many were off by a very distorting margin.

This causes a significant problem when clickbait articles make it easier to offer distorted “fake news” stories.

Having a small number of very wealthy individuals financing political candidates distorts the political process.

Unfortunately I had to leave Sistrix out of the final analysis as it only reported 11% of the median overall, thus distorting the field.

Using panels leads to sample effects that distort the comparison, as well as differences unrelated to campaign exposure.

So when their blips are distorted, physicists know something is up.

Unlike the rest of the feedback tools, this one doesn’t misuse or distort gathered information.

It preyed upon her mind, distorting it, unbalancing it; each glance, each movement of his she exaggerated into an intrigue.

And constraining himself, and distorting his esthetic and ethical feeling, he tries to conform to the ruling opinion.

It is only necessary to fill in some of the minor details which are allowed to vary without distorting the ideal.