Implicating [verb]

Definition of Implicating:

imply, involve

Synonyms of Implicating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Implicating:

Sentence/Example of Implicating:

Shining lights into dark and secret worlds and speaking truth to power comes with great risk, and here it was an even greater risk—because it directly implicated him.

The lawsuit also says 48 cases of sexual harassment had been reported over the previous two years, including 13 that implicated senior managers or executives.

The article directly implicated Google Local results and the ease of how unsavory people game them to commit fraud.

Fleer is hardly the first sheriff’s employee to be implicated in sexual misconduct.

While systole activated inhibitory brain regions, it also activated the amygdala, an area implicated in the experience of fear.

She was trying to find some explanation that would clear the boss, and perhaps implicate the Hatch crowd.

He knew that the whole complex machinery of Scotland Yard was working, and working at top speed, to implicate him in the tragedy.

You might have done me the service of not excusing yourself to the squire when he came here, in such a way as to implicate me.

If I were to expose Flemming, it would implicate Thornton, and that seemed too much of a retaliation.

It would be a dangerous document in case he should be searched; for its contents would expose him, and implicate others.