Incriminate [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Incriminate:

She originally set out to archive content posted to Parler last Wednesday in hopes of preserving self-incriminating material before account holders came to their senses and deleted it.

During the Prohibition era, she was responsible for breaking codes used by narcotics and alcohol smugglers, incriminating high-profile mob-run rum rings, including that of Al Capone in New Orleans.

Roy McGrath said he was invoking “those rights guaranteed to me through the laws of the state of Maryland and the state and federal constitutions” — apparently referring to the right not to incriminate himself.

By showing that Ghosn had been forced to incriminate himself while in jail, the panel of lawyers were in effect throwing the government’s entire case in doubt.

Those letters incriminate you to the full in this infamous matter here at Condillac.

No man is called upon to incriminate himself in this free and independent country.

"You are not required to confess or incriminate yourself, unless you want to," Captain Foster advised the prisoner.

He is hereby warned of his right under the law to challenge any question which may incriminate or tend to incriminate him.

If the worst came to the worst, and the boy came to harm, the paper would incriminate nobody.

If she remained until some one came, and the crime was discovered, what was she to say that would not incriminate her husband?