Indict [verb]

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There was also an expectation that he would soon be indicted, given several of his associates had been convicted in a long-running corruption investigation.

He was indicted on 17 federal weapons charges after police allegedly found materials to produce Molotov cocktails and five illegal firearms — including an AR-15 — in his pickup truck.

When two members of the Louisiana returning board were indicted in June 1877 for altering election returns, Democrats took it as proof that Hayes’s election had indeed been fraudulent.

Ravenell was first indicted in September 2019 and accused of coaching his client, drug kingpin Richard Byrd, and others about how to evade law enforcement.

Further clauses indict the inferior ministers occupied about the cess.

The curate, properly managed, may depose to the contrary; and then we will indict them all for forgery and conspiracy.

People have a genius for remorse as for other emotions, and Forbes was of those who can mercilessly indict their own souls.

The grand jury refused to indict the Mayor, and indicted his accusers.

If we believe the Duke himself, he was forced to move at last by efforts to indict him as a traitor in Ireland itself.

As to character, if it is impossible to indict a whole people, so is it impossible to draw a portrait of such a collective group.