Criminate [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Criminate:

By this time various circumstances supposed to criminate Ralegh had been collected from the answers of the other accused persons.

Mr. Stainthorpe replied in the negative, and cautioned him not to say anything that might criminate himself.

Everything which goes to criminate them goes directly against the prisoner.

Then, witness, let me warn you that you are not obliged to answer any question that may tend to criminate yourself.

Both were impelled by the strongest pressure of hope end fear to criminate him.

Ursula, she had heard every word that my poor boy had said, and it is Leah's evidence that has helped to criminate him.'

In her positive refusal to speak the word which would criminate a woman, Miss Anthony was actuated by the highest sense of honor.

The other witnesses, who appeared here as evidences to criminate the Begums, did it by rumors and hearsays.

Weak-hearted men, impatient at the first pain, will confess crimes they never committed, and criminate others at the same time.

As in law, so in morals, no man need criminate himself, but he who does so by an inadvertence is lost.