Stigmatize [verb]

Definition of Stigmatize:

brand, label

Synonyms of Stigmatize:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stigmatize:

Sentence/Example of Stigmatize:

It may seem small-minded and narrow to stigmatize such conduct as this.

If I were to stigmatize such behavior, I should call it disgraceful.

What is it in domestic employ that degrades, that makes us stigmatize it as 'service'?

And it will be your fault and your crime if it ever returns,—a crime for which history will stigmatize you forever.

He loved to stigmatize the English as a nation of shop-keepers.

Who can point to the first line or word ever penned to stigmatize these men?

It was what you have been accustomed to stigmatize as un-American.

I hope your Lordships will stigmatize the falsehood of this assertion.

I deny the right of Bishop Wilberforce in narrating this story in his diary to stigmatize this good man as "gluttonous."

Under that authority they affirmed that they might stigmatize the great culprit without guilt.