Justifying [verb]

Definition of Justifying:

legitimize, substantiate

Opposite/Antonyms of Justifying:

Sentence/Example of Justifying:

The Lanercost writer goes near to justifying Scott's remarkable expression, 'steeds that shriek in agony.'

He went away some time after that, leaving the little house full and busy justifying its existence.

Poverty had been good to her; it had put her woman's talent to the test, justifying its existence, proving it a marketable thing.

Lucian attaches an intelligible meaning to these flippant expletives, and represents Socrates as justifying their use.

Mr. Birrell, in justifying his action, said that the judge had remarked that there was no evidence before him of actual injury.

We've got a case, a passionate case, the best of cases, but do we want to spend all our lives defending it and justifying it?

We see it daily in the list, by the side of those of 1824 and 1828, as a case of manifest oppression, justifying disunion.

His ally knew they would, and on July tenth he wrote a long letter to St. Petersburg, lamely justifying his conduct.

She slept again, and a devil appeared and talked to her, justifying Pilate.

An attempt has been made to present the philosophic basis justifying the church in giving large attention to community service.