Rationalize [verb]

Definition of Rationalize:

make excuse; justify

Synonyms of Rationalize:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rationalize:


Sentence/Example of Rationalize:

The end result is that one can only rationalize about his behavior.

I only knew what I was; nor could I rationalize on why I had become this way.

Sitting in his living room, Raul tried to rationalize his own actions.

I cleared my mind and tried to rationalize the things around us.

I can't imagine how his mind works to rationalize for his behavior.

“Dad, you could rationalize the national debt,” accused Penny.

Every new theory must take up into itself earlier doctrines and rationalize the earlier exceptions.

Is it possible to rationalize the at present chaotic will of mankind?

He tried to rationalize the episode and revolved his conjectures over and over.

Its only mission is to justify- 60 - and rationalize as far as possible the iniquitous and absurd.